Let Go Of Your Ex & Take Your Power Back



"This program gave me my life back!" -Terah

I understand

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The constant overthinking and obsessing...

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The overwhelming anger and sadness...

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The bombardment of unanswered questions...

» You've tried "just forgetting" but how could you?! 

» You've tried distracting yourself but the pain never really goes away.

» You've tried burying and holding back your feelings, to be strong, but the flood gates open when you least expect them to.

» You've tried "just forgetting",

but how could you?! 

» You've tried distracting yourself,

but the pain never really goes away.

» You've tried burying and holding back your feelings to be strong,

but the flood gates open when you least expect them to.

And at the end of the day, you're left asking:

Why do I keep failing at this?

What's wrong with me?

Where did I go wrong? 

Will I ever experience true love?


Maybe the breakup just happened...

And you’re ready to heal, but don’t quite know where to start

You want your confidence back.
You don’t want insecurities and trust issues that might sabotage your love life.
You want freedom from it all.


The pain of heartbreak can be the greatest opportunity to love yourself deeper, IF you have the right guidance and perspective.

If the breakup was
5 days ago or 5 years ago… 

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Breakup Recovery will show you exactly HOW to move on and let go!


In Breakup Recovery You Will:

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Create the closure you need to stop overthinking

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Set and hold clear, strong boundaries

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Effectively process grief

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Move on and let go once and for all

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Start truly loving yourself and rebuild self trust

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Reclaim your self esteem and confidence

… and so much more.

Here's What You're Gonna Get:

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An entire library of video modules with homework and practical steps to implement that make a real internal shift. This ain’t your normal journaling/meditating/lecture bs. We’re going deep.

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Texts, emails, frequent live Q+As, and online support group to help you navigate and stick with your healing journey.

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If you have any questions, Kevin is there for you. If you’re having a hard time navigating your situation, or you feel yourself going backwards, Kevin is there to give you perspectives and coaching you need to continue to do what’s best FOR YOU.

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Britt E.

"I had pushed myself to the edge of frustration after 5 years of trying to let go, knowing I had so much built up hurt and seeing it come out in every relationship that I had. I saw therapists, councilors, watched endless videos, blamed myself and blamed others and nothing ever gave me answers or tools to why this was happening. I came into this course frustrated but ready to hear and feel what I needed to finally heal.... This course is uncomfortable, its raw, it brings up things I didn't want to feel again. And this is exactly why it fucking works. I am no longer feeling sorry for myself, I have taken accountability of my life and my actions and have healed wounds that I thought were a part of me forever. I don't know if there is anything more powerful than healing and letting go and taking control of your life back. My life is forever changed, I am a new person. A better person because of this."


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Mike B.

"I went into Breakup recovery with a desperation, a "Hail-Mary" because nothing else I was doing to move on was working... so I thought "let's try this" and it ended up being amazing! I was able to finally move on and the way I talk to myself these days is a beautiful thing. Could't put a price tag on the shift it's made in my life.


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Laura R.

"This is the best thing I could have done for myself! Breakup Recovery helped me learn how to face pain and deal with it productively. And it has helped me be at peace being single."


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Katja E.

"Breakup Recovery is a perfectly set up course that covers everything: facing the sometimes hard but ultimately liberating truth, feeling the pain, forgiving and letting go, and, ultimately, moving forward by healing and getting clear on what you truly desire in love. I can honestly say that I view everything from a place of love and appreciation now, without rose colored glasses that is (discernment!). It’s brought me back to myself to a more peaceful place. Thank you, Kevin, I’m so very grateful!" 

This course is designed for the heart who is ready to let go and create inner freedom.



I'm ready to let go

Hi, I'm Kevin

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I specialize in helping people heal so they can have:

 Inner peace 
 Self love
 The love life they deeply desire 

I got started when my ex fiance dumped me and I almost took my life from the pain of it all.

After being cheated on by the following 2 relationships, I began my healing journey that has now, almost a decade later, led me to helping tens of thousands of others find true love.

Heartbreak, being cheated on, and trauma bonded relationships are just a few of the things I have healed from and overcome in my own life. 

I'm excited to share with you exactly how I did it in Breakup Recovery.

Breakup Recovery is for YOU if:

You’re having a hard time moving on, and ready to LET GO...
You want to HEAL, you just don’t know where to start...
You are sick and tired of feeling heartbroken, and you want your life back...
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This is NOT for you if:

You are NOT ready to do the deep inner work...
You just want someone to TALK to...
You're going to play the VICTIM and throw pity parties...
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Healing isn’t a stroll down candy land. It's messy. And if you’re ready to do whatever it takes to set yourself free from all of this, then it’s time for you to start Breakup Recovery.
Let's do this


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Got questions? Email me:

[email protected]
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“I was scared my ex from a few years ago would haunt me forever and I could never move on. This course helped me regain my sense of identity and discover who I truly am. I was finally able to properly let go of everything and move on with my life and the goals I truly wanted to achieve. I was no longer avoiding my emotions by stuffing my face with food. I found a deep respect within myself like never before.”


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Rebeka D.

“I can genuinely say I’m more in love than ever—and I’m still single. Doing the work has changed my heart, deepened my connection to my spirit, and upleveled my quality of life in ways I only dreamed about a year ago. I am grateful that I chose to invest in myself through this course. It changed my life.” 


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Chris M.

"If you want to LOVE YOURSELF again, follow through with this program. Kevin holds you accountable and If you're ready to make a transition to feel great about who you are again you are in the right place. There is no price tag on positive mental health and self confidence. Choose to invest in yourself."


Now it’s your turn…

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