Practical Tools, Guidance, and Accountability For Those Seeking True Self Love

What if you could fall madly in love with yourself in 3 months?


"What years of healing would have taken, only took me three months to fully heal!" - Samantha P. 

Does any of this feel familiar?

Codependency and anxiety in your love life?
Constantly overthinking your decisions and having a hard time letting go?
Trust issues and sabotaging insecurities?
People pleasing and seeking external validation?
Not honoring your needs and putting yourself last constantly?

If YOU can relate, 

You're in the right place...

What You Won't Hear From Mainstream Coaches/Healers


Whenever I work with new clients, I quickly see that they have been sold a story of “over-complication” for how to heal. I see they are focusing on the WRONG THINGS like:

Reading all the books

Listening to the podcasts

Doing yoga and meditation

Journaling and therapy

And they make some temporary changes, but the changes never last past a few hours. 

None of the above is wrong or bad, it’s just not even close to what’s necessary to create lasting inner peace and self love.

Unfortunately there's too much out there saying you have to do these things to heal, which inevitably leaves people feeling LOST, FRUSTRATED, and wasting a lot of TIME.

Healing doesn't have to take years…

Changing your life can be SIMPLE if you focus on the deep core roots.

Over the past decade I’ve worked with thousands of people, just like you, to help them heal and evolve into being their true, confident, and authentic self.

Through that time, I’ve developed and refined a process of healing that focuses on the stuff that actually matters… the stuff that creates lasting internal change. 

And hear me: You do NOT need more of the same “healing” modalities. If it is supposed to work for you, it would have by now. 

And waiting for anything external to change is just giving your power away… it's time to take ownership and responsibility, and face your shadow to deal with this once and for all.

By going through the healing process that I’m about to share with you, you’ll be able to have results similar to past clients who have:

Gotten raises & new jobs, quit shitty jobs, and made more money...because they finally recognized their worth.

Said goodbye to medication and binge eating...because they weren’t trying to numb themselves and fill a hole anymore.

Attracted the partner of their dreams, because they started to love themselves the way they deserved to be loved.

Left toxic relationships and started setting healthy boundaries.

Gotten way closer to their current  partner and stopped sabotaging behavior created from past experiences.

 Unapologetically being their true authentic selves, and LOVE IT!

They created internal fulfillment instead of continuing to seek external validation.


A 12-week immersive experience to change your relationship with love, yourself, and relationships, forever.

Through the simplified guidance, trauma informed support, and a lil’ tough love here and there, you will create true confidence, lasting inner peace, and real SELF LOVE.

“I have felt so fucking liberated and unapologetic for being myself...for the first time in a LONG time!" - Gina

“I can honestly say that I’ve never in my whole life felt so authentically myself!!”-Janna S.

"TLA is a journey of self exploration, self worth, self love, self understanding... and this program has completely changed my life forever!" - Sam 

"This has been a life changing experience, full of human connection, self-discovery, growth, and love." - Linette M.

warning sign


This program isn’t for everyone.

Healing isn't easy and neither is this course.

If you’re NOT READY to do the deep inner work
If you’re not ready to have me call you on your bullshit…
If you’re not ready to be part of a community that will ACTUALLY hold you accountable…
You should probably go back to that self-help aisle and call your friends to vent.

I’m here to empower and guide you. And I love you enough to TELL YOU THE TRUTH,
even if that means it hurts to hear.

You get out of it what you put in. If you do the work - REALLY do it - you’ll come out of it feeling like a different person. I'll show you what to do, it's just up to you to lean in when it gets uncomfortable (because it will) and trust the process.

If you're not at a point where you're willing to do whatever it takes to change your life, this course is NOT for you.

Here's What You'll Get:

12 Weeks of Video Modules with prescribed assignments for practical tools and guidance.

2x/Week Group Coaching Calls for Integration
(The TLA coaching team has both gone through this course and been extensively trained on how to coach and guide others)

Ongoing Group Support with Your Tribe
Using a video-group chat platform (Priceless)

BONUS: Breakup Recovery Course
(in case you need to let go)

BONUS: Self-Love Care Package
(goodies to be mailed to you to help along the way)

BONUS: Presence: my Self-Abandonment Healing Course 
(if you need to grow in self-accountability and self-awareness)

BONUS: Book recommendation list, sound healing/meditation music, and more!

Next Group Starts on November 29th:

You will get a personal text from one of Kevin's team within 24 hours after applying to connect.












Includes Private Coaching

  • All the tools, guidance, and support of the TLA program for the 3 months
  • BONUS: Includes 3 1:1 sessions with Kevin

Monthly Plan


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  • All the tools, guidance, and support of the TLA program for the 3 months
  • Simple monthly plan (3 monthly payments)

Monthly Flex Plan


Easy Financing Option

  • All the tools, guidance, and support of the TLA program for the 3 months
  • Easiest financial plan (6 monthly payments)
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If you’re resonating with this page, it’s for a reason…

Your heart is ready. It’s time to choose you.


I felt like I was going through a five thousand dollar program… Kevin's process and coaching style is unlike anything I've ever seen before, I'm incredibly impressed! And because of it all, I'm so much more calm and zen and peaceful inside, my life has changed forever!" “ Summer G.

“7 years ago, I was suicidal and I've always been afraid to go back. I now KNOW with all of my heart that I will NEVER go back to that because of all of the tools Kevin gave us. I’m in a relationship and it was tremendously strengthened through working with Kevin!" -Jalene

"I was in therapy for over a year with my ex-husband. All I did was talk while the therapist listened; there wasn’t much resolution from my sessions. What made the True Love Accelerator so different was that I took immediate action from the very first week! The act of “doing” the work that I had needed to do for YEARS (instead of just talking), worked really well for me!" - Sophia

"When I first started this program, I was in a complete state of devastation. I felt like my life was going nowhere and my last relationship destroyed me. Now, the anxiety and depression I had completely went away. Kevin gave us the tools to navigate our emotions, so they don’t control me anymore. My confidence shot through the roof and now I feel so great." - Jess

"My finances have changed drastically through this program- my income has quadrupled since I started this program and my savings is higher than its ever been. I don’t feel stress around my finances like I & my parents have my whole life- I feel way more abundant, free and wise with money." - Athena 


The same situation keeps happening in your love life, no matter what you try to do.

Your Inner critic is loud as fuck, and you beat yourself up often.

You’re constantly overthinking and often sabotage when things go well.

You feel the amount of love/loyalty/support you’re giving is never being reciprocated.

You put yourself last, constantly lowering your standards in relationships.

You value the approval of others more than valuing yourself

You’re lacking trust in yourself and have poor self-esteem.

You have trouble setting and holding boundaries.

True Love Accelerator uses the mirror of your childhood and love life, to DO THE INNER WORK ON YOU!

And at the end of our 12 weeks together you will finally FEEL…


>> Free of anger and pain from the past
>> Confident... because you know you're enough and worthy of love
>> Happy... anxiety doesn’t run your life anymore
>> Peaceful inside... because you're authentically yourself and trust your intuition
>> Courageous... because you communicate your truth with others

It’s time to create the inner peace and happiness you deserve.

True Love Accelerator is the key.


Hear from those who said yes: 

What’s Included In True Love Accelerator

12 weeks of video modules with practical tools and guidance that show you exactly how to heal and redefine the past, so you can set yourself free to  deeper self love and new healthy experiences in your love life.

Twice weekly Zoom calls with Kevin's team of healers, where we’ll get to the core of your patterns so you can break free.

Ongoing group chat with your coaches and everyone else that started with you, so you feel safe and supported as you integrate the new you.

Here’s How It Works:

Each week, you’ll get a new set of video lessons. The videos give you homework and practical tools to implement.

The biggest part of the course is the community, where you’ll be in a group chat with everyone going through the course with you. (This alone is huge just to know that you’re not alone and you have a safe space to share with others for accountability and support)

Also, twice a week we have live video chats, where we dive deeper into each week's lesson, and you have help if you’re struggling.



Hi, I’m Kevin.

I’ve helped thousands of people from countries all over the world heal and break toxic cycles to have more self love and inner peace. And I got started on my journey almost a decade ago…

After my ex-fiance cheated on me, I wanted to kill myself. Then the next 2 relationships I was in ended because they cheated. 

I became obsessed with why it happened, and why love seemed to be so hard for so many...
And then…
I started seeking answers and asking myself why this kept happening. And I learned that patterns teach us, about US! That's the mirror of it all.

The way to love is to liberate anything standing in between you and TRUE love.

And in the end, It will feel and look different than your experiences of the past. 
And change starts with you. 
Instead of looking for the one, its about BECOMING the one. 

The woman below has had her life changed by TLA so much that she wanted to give back and help others.

She was hand-selected and trained through Kevin’s process to be guides for the unique experience that is TLA.


Known as someone who always is living life from her heart and loving fiercely, Rachelle Lavoie has always been that natural go-to person for advice and help. After completing TLA in 2019,  she got a tattoo to represent her personal transformation! The program taught her how to love herself & she found inner peace, which led her to manifest her ideal partner.

Rachelle is passionate about helping others feel that they are enough, and empowering others to use their strengths in this world to inspire those around them too and help guide them to shine their light! 

She has a love for health, fitness, ecstatic dance, mindset, and animals. She is an Animal Health Technologist at a Vet Clinic in Calgary, Alberta. She has a puppy named Milo and a bunny named Edward.

I want to show you what worked for me, so you can take out the guesswork of healing. Because when you REALLY break free and have the right guidance, tools, and support...

You’ll never be the same again.

Here’s What We’ll Cover...

Clarity + Awareness: Figure out exactly what you want for yourself in your love life, and exactly what has been keeping you from that. (this is your roadmap for the rest of the course)

Perspective + Self Love: See yourself and love from an entirely new lens. Learn to see with your heart instead of your hurt, and go through a process of flooding yourself with self love.

Where It All Started: Using the mirror of your childhood, we go through a powerful process of re-associating with the past that shaped you, so you can set yourself free from your limiting beliefs about yourself, love, and relationships.

Stop The Cycle: Reflecting on your love life, we break your toxic patterns and free yourself from shame over the past so you can set yourself free to a new reality of relationships.

Somatic Release: Learn how to finally silence the voice of your inner critic, and go through a life-changing experience of integrating your true self.

Inner-Child Recess: Learn how to show up for the little one in you and return to that playful, fun, innocence that many neglect and abandon because of hurt.

Validation + Body Image: Learn to be in a deeper level of ownership over your words and thoughts, as well as going through an experience of loving your body at a much deeper level.

Emotional Strength: Learn how to work with and use your emotions to create the life you want, instead of neglecting or running from them.

Activate Your Intuition: Tune into the whisper of your intuition, and clean your gut (channel), so you can have more discernment and trust of your decisions in life.

Put Yourself First: Say YES to you and take your power back! Using the mirror of your lifestyle and relationship with intimacy to uplevel how you show up in life with more freedom and self-expression.

Independently Available: Learn to become a love magnet and live more independently, while still making yourself receptive to the love and life you want. (Some of my clients have gotten raises this week or attracted the love of their life!)

Faith: Make this change permanent. Really… FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

“I’ve never done shit like this… All the years of Tony Robbins work I've done, all the meditations, all the crazy shit,  I’ve done it all… but NOTHING is like this. TLA and the skills Kevin teaches have helped me connect to a deeper part of myself that I was neglecting for so long... and I finally love BEING myself.” - Jillian W.

"I've always heard that line that you should just "love yourself more" but I just never knew how. Now I have the tools to access that love and when those feelings of unworthiness come up, I don't freak out because I'm more comfortable with my emotions." - Sally N.

“Before the True Love Accelerator, I didn’t know what I wanted for my life. Now, I know exactly what I want. I have the next 5 years planned out, I’m engaged to my boyfriend/fiance now, I learned to communicate with him so much better, and I also got promoted at work!" - Brittany R. 

"I’m already in a relationship, and I thought this program was for single people. Through joining the True Love Accelerator, I discovered that I was self-sabotaging in my relationship because I didn't actually think I was worthy of receiving love. I experienced trauma from my past relationships & abuse, but this has transformed me. I forgave people from my past and let go of my anger. I then repaired my self-image and started to feel worthy of the love I was receiving. The tools helped me STOP people-pleasing; it interrupted my patterns and shifted my paradigm." -Cleo

"After the True Love Accelerator, I met someone who I feel like I manifested in my head (especially after the first homework assignment Kevin gave us)! It’s freaky! Things with my ex also smoothed out and we’re in a good place now. My business is thriving! I’m so happy! - Tara

You’re the only one who can create this change for yourself,
but you don’t have to do it alone.

In True Love Accelerator, you’re gonna get a shitload of support. You’ll be part of a group of people -- just like you--who are going through the same transformation, and just “get it.” That alone is huge, to have a safe space to connect with people who you can trust and lean on for support. 

Also, twice a week, you will have live video chats with my team… and they are trained on how to help you if you’re struggling with anything… and lovingly call you on your bullshit if needed ;) 


You have everything you need for three months to make sure you see this transformation through.

"I absolutely loved the community that was built through this program. Having that support group as well as Kevin's guidance was huge. I couldn't be more grateful for it all, and  I would say to anyone thinking about joining this program that there's never a right time... You're investing in yourself and that's the most valuable thing you can do for yourself. If it's important to you, you'll commit. Once you dive in, you will THRIVE in this environment." - Selena

“I got dumped and didn’t think I was good enough for him or anyone at all. I went through a period of 6 months when I felt miserable, it’s almost like I started to hate myself when I looked in the mirror. I wanted to break the cycle. When I joined Kevin’s program, I have gone through a HUGE breakthrough that I’ve never had before. The goal of this program was to find myself, and that’s exactly what I did. I feel confident and happy now; I know that I’m enough. I don’t need anyone to determine my value" - Elma

“The True Love Accelerator has transformed me as a person and a mother. My sons have had amazing transformations through me doing the work. I used to look after everyone around me and it quite literally killed me. If you lack confidence, feel like you don’t fit in, if you’re worried about expressing yourself and feel lost without direction, this program is for you. The community gave me a safe space to open up, and I met one of my best friends! I live in Australia and one of the members is flying over to visit me from Texas. I am a new person now, with a new outlook on my life. 3 months ago, I had no direction. Now, I found my soul purpose and opportunities are just coming to me. I have never known myself this well.” - Jenna

guarantee sign

No BS.

I’m so confident that this will change your life... Mainly because it’s changed mine and every one of the hundreds of people who have finished this course...

That if you go through this whole course and nothing changes...

I will give you your money back. 

Now obviously, you gotta show up and DO THE WORK by going through the whole course and participating...because nobody can do this for you.
But if you do THAT, and you still don’t make a change...I’ll refund you 100%.

Hundreds of people have gone through this course and no one has been refunded… because they saw results!

Try something with me for a second. 


No literally, Stop reading for a second…

breathe word

Now Imagine you say YES to this journey… and look into the future 3 months from now.

You are madly in love with yourself

You’re making empowering choices and getting your needs met

You’re setting and holding boundaries that other people respect

You’re connected to your truth and free to live a life that reflects who you really are.

You actually love yourself

You’re making empowering choices

You’re setting and holding boundaries that other people respect

You’re connected to your truth and free to live a life that reflects who you really are.

What would it look like if you STOPPED--

Beating yourself up all the time
Having the SAME situations happen in your love life
Putting your needs last and sacrificing yourself for love…


And you instead STARTED--

Actually Loving and accepting yourself
Healing and letting go of the past
Truly being happy with your life

How would LIFE feel different?


What would you feel, that you’re not feeling right now?
More confidence?
Higher self-esteem?
Who would be in your life that isn’t now? ...and who wouldn't be?
I know these are questions we don’t ask ourselves often, but they are the ones that will change things.

Now I want you to get uncomfortable and imagine you keep putting it off…

Imagine what life will be like if you keep doing the same things…

If you keep avoiding the real issues…

If you keep feeding the same insecurities…

If you keep seeking external validation…

If you keep beating yourself up...

If you keep struggling to let go of the past...

Where will you end up in 6 months from now?...

A year?...

Five years?!...

When will enough be enough?!



"I was terrified of joining TLA because what if it didn't work, what if I didn't get the results all of these people talked about, does that mean I have to blame myself again because I didn't think I could handle that. I was fed up with the effort I had put into trying to fix myself but nothing was working. I was aware that there was a deeper issue that needed to be healed, but didn't have the tools to help myself and I had been seeking those for the last 5 years through councilors, therapists, you tube videos and anyone who would listen. But I decided to join and I gave it 100% because deep down I knew I deserved to do that for myself. I decided to start the course with an open heart ready to dive into whatever was brought forward… And this course changed my life. I was finally given the tools on how to feel my trauma, how to show myself empathy, and then finally how to love myself. I have transformed". - Britt E. 

“Working with Kevin absolutely worked. I can now lead my life from a place of confidence and awareness, from my heart rather than fear. I have now finally fallen in love with me. I’m at peace with ME!" - Beth

"This journey was similar to my ayahuasca experience but more potent and integrated.  My intuition is much louder and I know it better. I feel the freedom to choose what I do in life for the first time in 6 years! I feel super grateful and honored to have been through this program and this work it is sacred." - Athena A. 

"True Love Accelerator is a boot camp of love... what could take years of books, counselors, journaling, meditation or a discovery of your self help journey, it has all of that combined, but in a very intensive shorter duration and honestly it is the BEST personal investment you can do for you!  - Rachel


I’ve worked with thousands of clients to to have more self love, inner peace, true happiness, and more confidence.

Joining this course is the first step to putting yourself first. Because it REQUIRES you to get uncomfortable and invest in yourself (put yourself first).

Nothing changes till something changes…

So if you’ve gotten a hint from the universe, a whisper of the heart, a pull towards freedom… And you’re ready to do the work...




“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” - Rumi